After more than 40 years of experience in leading positions for industry, logistics and transport companies I will be pleased to act as a consultant for intermodal transport.

All parties involved in the intermodal process chain benefit from our long-term experience in logistics and intermodal transport:


Shippers in industry and trade
Due to the long-term cooperation with industry and trade businesses and to several years of responsibility in managing positions at a brand manufacturer, the challenges of switching to intermodal transport are well known.
Our services will succesfully assist your company in introducing intermodal transports:

  • employee seminars on intermodal transport
  • feasibility studies on intermodal transport
  • selection of new train relations
  • service provider selection
  • consulting for service companies on switching to intermodal transport
  • greenlogistics, calculation CO² consumption
Freight forwarders, Transport companies
Several years of responsibility in managing positions at forwarding and transport companies illustrated this industry’s demand on switching from continuous road transport to intermodal transports and on building up new relations. Our services for your successfully operated intermodal transport:

  • easibility studies on intermodal transport
  • guidance on the selection of equipment for combined transport
  • selection of intermodal relations
  • selection of intermodal operators for your transports
  • selection of partners in target areas
  • implementation of intermodal transports
  • advice on intermodal process development
  • intermodal process optimisation
Intermodal transport operators
Successful intermodal transport requires an intensive market support and efficciently designes intermodal processes. We provide the following services to support your success:

  • guidance on the implementation of new relations
  • customer acquisition
  • customer service
  • process optimisation
Railway companies
Many years of experience in managing positions in a leading European rail transport company impart intensive knowledge on all commercial and railway service processes.
Based on this broad market knowledge we offer the following services:

  • consulting services to increase the efficiency in railway operations
  • advice on process optimisation regarding the use of production resources
  • employee seminars on intermodal processes
Many years of experience as managing director of one of the most efficiant intermodal terminals are the basis for successful advisory services in all areas of intermodal terminal construction and operation.
The following services will assist you in operating your terminal succesfully:

  • guidance on planning and construction of a terminal
  • guidance on selecting the product portfolio ( service performances)
  • invitation to tender of the operating company
  • implementation of the operating company
  • customer acquisition
  • personnel acquisition
  • selection of suitable IT systems
  • organisation of terminal processes
  • process design of services
  • commissioning of the terminal
  • optimisation of the terminal processes
Universities, technical colleges, industrial schools
On numerous guest lectures at universities and technical colleges as well as
on study trips to intermodal terminals the students gained comprehensive insights into the intermodal prodcess chain and a full view of the intermodal means of production.
We are very pleased to offer guest presentations on intermodal transport and accompanied terminal visits.